Hi! I am Tina Qi,
a product designer and curious explorer.

Day Job: Product Design Fellow @ NYC Service Design Studio
Out of Work: Volunteer Designer @ NGOs and Non-profits

Product Design

Human-centered digital experience,
seasoned with creativity

Enterprise Product | Design System | UX Design & Strategy


Interactive Map | UX Design


Game Design| UX Design | UI Design

Good Focus Game Series
(coming soon)

Individual Project | User Research


UI Exercises

Daily UI Challenges

Research & Strategy

Explore fuzzy problem space,
with and for people

Ethnographic Research | Social Innovation | Aging

Cultural Crosspoint

Workshop | Central America | Cultural Preservation

We Weave We Design

Participatory Research | Culture

Mapping Voices in Manhattan Chinatown

(Coming) Instructional Design

Networks Initiative Workbook


I am literally learning to
speak the same languages
as my teammates!

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

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